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Matt Aimonetti is Splice CTO & Co-Founder, an experienced technologist, entrepreneur, technical writer and active open-source contributor based in Santa Monica, CA. Prior to Splice, Matt worked as a Tech manager/R&D developer at LivingSocial, on video game development at Sony PlayStation, as a sound engineer and on many other things.


Go bootcamp book

I like Haskell better, but if you want to write Go, you probably should read this awesome (free) book.

I’m sure this book is great, but I didn’t read it.

it is stated in the section “2.15.3 Appending to a slice” after the phrase “And you can also append a slice to another using an ellipsis:”) that the output is wrong. Probaby a typo.

Matt Aimonetti's MacRuby book published by O'Reilly

You couldn’t have a finer introduction to the language and its unique strengths than this book.

Matt’s writing is clear and concise, and the examples in the book do an excellent job of illustrating important points.
Before every talk I’ve given on MacRuby, I end up referring back to MacRuby: The Definitive Guide

Extremely comprehensive, covering just about everything there is to know about MacRuby.

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