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Aslak Hellesoy just mentioned in a comment that the trunk version of RSpec bundle for TextMate ( svn:// ) doesn’t require the RSpec Gem installed anymore.

To install the bundle:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/
 svn co svn://

I recently discovered RSpec, well, not really, but I finally got to start using RSpec.

For those who don’t know RSpec , RSpec is a BDD testing framework, or in better words: RSpec is a Behaviour Definition Framework well suited for practicing Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) in Ruby.

If you don’t know what is BDD, then just check out, in few words, it’s TDD (Test Driven Development in better)

Anyway, I’m working on a Rails project where we use the trunk/edge version RSpec plugin. I’m using my favorite editor: TextMate and I noticed that the RSpec team created a cool bundle for textmate.

I was quite excited until I tried running a spec and realized that the task failed giving some errors about some missing methods… Well, the thing is we replaced “context … do” by “describe … do” and “specify … do” by “it … do” see David’s post about this specific change in trunk:

The Textmate bundle uses the ruby gem instead of the plugin and since I’m trying to use methods only defined in trunk the bundle simply dies on me every time I try to run my specs.

The only solution for me was to run a trunk version of the RSpec gem, here is what to do:

Check out RSpec trunk from: svn://

Check out RSpec trunk into its own project, or if you’re interested in

using/learning RSpec for a particular Rails project, consider using

svn:externals to check out RSpec trunk into your [RailsRoot]/vendor


svn propset svn:externals “rspec svn://”


then update to grab the latest code from RSpec trunk:

svn update vendor

Next, build the gem.  You have to be standing in vendor/rspec if you’re

using svn:externals (as described above) or the root of RSpec if you checked

it out as its own project.

rake gem

then install it:

gem install pkg/rspec-X.X.X.gem (where X.X.X is the version number reported

in the output from “rake gem”)

—- from

That’s it, now I can run my specs directly from Textmate the same way I was doing with Unit Test.

( on a different post I’ll explain why I couldn’t simply run rake:spec )

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