Tired of Excessively Dry Code and Smart Coding

Recently, I got really annoyed at some code I had to work on.

The main reason was that the developer I was working with likes making everything super DRY. While I hate repetitions I like being able to understand the code I’m reading and I want to be able to quickly refactor it.

Anyway, I got over it but during my journey I found some inspiration:

Check out this Keynote of Marcel Molina, Jr at the Ruby Hoedown about code beauty and the rules of Proportion, Integrity and Clarity.

We were discussing the issue in the SD ruby Brigade mailing list and Jordan Fowler posted the following:

I couldn’t help but quote the Towelie episode from South park:

<code>General: Don't you see what genetically enhanced smart towels like these are capable of?
You get out of the shower and dry yourself off. But even after you're dry, the towel makes you more dry.
It keeps getting you drier and drier.
Can you imagine it? What it would feel like to be way, way too dry?
I'll tell you something, you don't want to know and I don't know.

Kyle: And we don't care!

194 Words


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