My Rails Contribution Mentioned in Dhh Keynote

That’s kind of cool, I was reading a post about DHH Keynote at RailsConf Europe when I realized that DHH mentioned one of my contribution to Rails Edge.

“small, but to me significant improvement has also found its way to Rails 2.0: You can now create the needed databases with a rake command. By running this command, all referenced databases in your database.yml will be created”


rake db<span class="sy">:create</span><span class="sy">:all</span>

I’m glad to see that my contribution is appreciated, as a reminder you also have the following options:

Only create your current environment database (can be useful to bootstrap your application):


rake db<span class="sy">:create</span>

Another command I use often in development is:


rake db<span class="sy">:reset</span>

It simply drops your current environment database, re create it and migrate it :) (btw, your new database will be utf-8 by default)

Here is a list of the new rake tasks:


rake db<span class="sy">:create</span>                       <span class="c"># Create the local database defined in config/database.yml for the current RAILS_ENV</span><tt>
</tt>rake db<span class="sy">:create</span><span class="sy">:all</span>                   <span class="c"># Create all the local databases defined in config/database.yml</span><tt>
</tt>rake db<span class="sy">:drop</span>                         <span class="c"># Drops the database for the current environment</span><tt>
</tt>rake db<span class="sy">:reset</span>                         <span class="c"># Drops, creates and then migrates the database for the current environment. Target specific version with VERSION=x</span>

Read DHH Keynote summary there

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