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A bit more than a month ago I posted a tutorial on how to use Flash with Rails to create some awesome/sexy graphs.


Since a lot of people seemed interested by the topic, the SDRuby guys asked me to do a intro talk on how to create Sexy Charts with super sexy Rails.

In the mean time, a lot of people were asking for a example app to look at. People knowing me know that I’m quite lazy and I don’t like repeating tasks. I therefore decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and wrote a demo app that I would use during my presentation

As I was writing the demo app, I quickly realized that my talk would be even sexier if I would show some best practices. After all, an introduction talk is meant to help newbies learning the tricks that will change them in ninjas!

Sexy charts are sexy now, but in 15 years they might not look so sexy anymore. However BDD is super hot now and will always be sexy! (even though we’ll probably adopt other even hotter approaches).

Based on the circumstances I decided that Sexy charts would become an excuse to show people how to do BDD using RSpec and how to test a XML view as described in this previous post

During my presentation I totally forgot to show people what what kind of XML we were trying to feed amCharts, so here is the file:

The code used in the presentation is also available here

Presentation available here (the sound is a bit saturated, sorry about that. Note that we made the video big enough so you can follow with the code if you don’t understand my accent :) )

Feel free to watch the other SDRuby podcasts or even better, subscribe to our feed.

Next SDRuby meeting will be Thursday, December 6 @ 7:30pm

Location: UCSD CS Building

We’ll be talking about Unobtrusive Javascript, the Facebook API, and hosting our first Rails Roundtable.

Newbies and experts welcome!

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