Google Chart Gem

update Nov 11: the gem is finally available there or simply:

  sudo gem install googlecharts

Note that I’m working on merging this gem with another Google Charts gem. (see comments for more info about that)


I’ve been working on a Google Chart Gem that I have ready for a beta release but unfortunately, getting a new project setup on RubyForge takes forever. (apparently 72 hours)

It’s mainly a wrapper for the great GChart API, but instead of using a helper to generate your graphs, you can simply do: => 'My Mojo', :data => [1,2,4,67,100,41,234], :max_value => 300, :bg => 'c3c3c3')

  Gchart.line(:title => 'My Mojo',
              :data => [[1,2,4,67,100,41,234],[41,63,96,17,100,14,423]],
              :bg => '666666',
              :graph_bg => 'cccccc',
              :line_colors => 'ff0000,00ff00',
              :legend => ['morning','evening'])

  Gchart.pie(:data => [20,10,15,5,50], :title => 'SDRuby fu', :size => '400x200', :labels => ['matt', 'rob', 'patrick', 'jordan', 'ryan'])


As far as I know this is most complete Ruby wrapper for Google Chart API, but feel free to look around.

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