Starting the Migration to Github

I started moving some of my projects to GitHub.

Here is my GitHub account.

Projects moved to GitHub:

I’m planning on moving GoogleCharts, RandomWordGenerator and some not released stuff to GitHub so people can have fun forking my projects.

Git and GitHub are the new cool things. GitHub is planning on setting up a gem server while they are already offering tarball download and a post-receive hook. (they also plan on becoming myspace for geeks, but that’s another story)

Do you have to switch to git and github? Honestly, …no you don’t.. Git can act as SVN, but let’s be honest, if you switch to a new SCM it needs to do more. I’ve been using Git for a couple of months and even though I still don’t have a full understanding of this SCM, I really enjoy using it.

So, get over it, learn on your own or purchase this excellent peepcode

Email me to get a GitHub invite (Tom and Chris gave me some invites for readers) or/and try Gitorious.

The fact that some major players (Topfunky, technoweenie, Chris & PJ, jnunemaker and major projects such as capistrano, vlad the deployer and Merb use and support Git is a sign that it’s the next big thing.

Also, I believe that a lot of developers will also be motivated to move their plugins/gems to GitHub because they simply can’t always maintain their own libs and/or just hope people will fork their project and contribute back.

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