Merb Pre Sprint Meeting

Some of Los Señores del Merb, AKA the Merb “core team” met tonight in a secret location in San Diego, CA. Obviously, we had to meet in a Mexican restaurant and enjoy Tuesday Fish Taco night special ;)

While not everybody could make the trip, Yehuda, Andy, Daniel, Carl and myself met to plan the very first Merb Sprint.

Unfortunately, Michael and Fabien could not make it, but will work remotely during the next few days.

Yehuda sent attendees the following explanations about the Scrum:

“Tomorrow morning, the Merb core team will be setting up around 9am in the sprint room, setting up the git infrastructure for the event, and setting up CI and a wiki for the sprint.

We’re going to be breaking up into a few teams: an inline documentation team, a getting-up-and-running team, and merb-stack team. Each team will be led by a core team member, who will be responsible for pushing the work of the team up to the main merb repository, which will be manned by me throughout the sprint.”

The sprint will focus on 4 main points:

  • inline documentation

  • getting-up-and-running

  • Merb-stack

  • reported tickets (lead remotely by Michael)

This is a really exciting time and things are looking good.

For those wondering about Merb-Stack… well just wait few days and you’ll see ;)

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