Replying to Some Tweets

I’ve been following what people say on twitter about Merb.

I simply used twitter search engine.

Because I only have a private twitter account I can’t reply to everyone.

freels: I keep expecting merb to have a view helper for random things…

@freels, feel free to let us know about the view helpers you miss. We might not be able to port them all to merb-helpers but we can certainly work something out and maybe come up with more gems so you don’t have to repeat yourself.

nmeans: Ye gods! The Merb meta-gem installs an insane number of packages!

@nmeans, as you mentioned it, Merb is a meta-gem installing merb-core, merb-more, dm-core, do_sqlite3, dm-timestamps, dm-types, dm-aggregates, dm-migrations, dm-validations, dm-sweatshop + their dependencies. The reason behind this choice is that merb gem is just a package. You can just use merb-core if you wish and that’s one gem. Installing many gems isn’t a problem, we could even hide it so you don’t see it, but you really care how many gems are installed?

cfisk: Oops, now I’ve gotten sucked into reading Merb stuff on Slideshare. The whole day got burned up lateralizing over links.

@cfisk we have videos from MerbCamp coming up next week. The wiki is also growing fast and 2 books are being written.

sco: we relaunched packrat today, completely re-written in merb. hit a few snags, but still managed to push out 5 million requests in half a day.

@sco wow, I didn’t know PackRat was built on Merb now. Please let us know if you need help.

brycethornton: Installing the merb gem a while back has led to an unimaginable number of related gems. Wow. I probably only need a few of these.

@brycethornton you don’t have to install the merb gem itself. The Merb gem is a metagem, feel free to only install gems you want. You can generate lighter app by doing merb-gen core app_name or merb-gen flat app_name or a sinatra like app by doing merb-gen very-flat app_name

downtowncartel: We are really excited and proud of the relase of Merb 1.0 RC1. Great work to all of those who made it possible.

Thanks, wait for 1.0 and you will enjoy it even more :) Thanks to Ben for merb-cache btw!

rafaelbandeira3: Merb is like the factory of inovative concepts and concepts usage… ruby is nicier now, although ugly, bad formatted and noisy…

I’m confused, it’s probably the first time I hear Ruby us ugly, bad formatted and noisy. I wonder if @rafaelbandeira3 didn’t get confused and looked at a different framework/language. Ruby has its pros/cons but ugly/bad formatted and noisy??? really???

rarepleasures: Merb is a big fat FAIL

@rarepleasures Ok, this is not really fair because you then twittered and blamed mongrel. Two things about this tweet tho, mongrel is buggy and you probably should be use thin (or fix Mongrel).  If you do think Merb is a big fat FAIL or if there is something you don’t like about Merb, please let us know so we can try to fix it.

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