Rubyconf 2009 2d Games for Os X

During RubyConf 2009 in San Francisco, CA Matt Aimonetti gave a talk entitled Writing 2D games for the OSX platform in Ruby.

##Description of the talk:

Are you a developer who would love to get into video games but get scared when he hears “OpenGL” or “rendering engines”? Or Maybe, you never considered writing a video game because you have heard Ruby was slow and you are not ready to give up on your favorite programming language. This talk is for you then. Together, we will build a very simple game using Ruby and the development tools offered by Apple. At the end of the presentation you will be ready to get started on your own project.

Matt Aimonetti demonstrating a simple game workflow


The slides are available on Matt’s SpeakerDeck and can be downloaded here.


{% video 640 360 %}

##Presentation website

Matt’s presentation was filmed by confreaks and the dedicated page for the talk is available here

Source Code

The code and game demonstrated in this talk is available on Matt Aimonetti’s GitHub repository.

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