Confoo Dot Ca Rails for Non Ruby Developers

During ConFoo Canada 2010 in Montreal, Canada Matt Aimonetti gave a talk entitled Rails for the non Ruby developers.

##Description of the talk:

Unless you have been living on a different planet for the last few years, you have more than likely heard of Ruby on Rails. You have probably heard good and bad things about it, and might even have watched some of the famous screencasts. The thing is, you don’t really know that much about Ruby and are not sure that it is worth learning yet another programming language and a new framework. With companies like Apple, Microsoft and Sun investing in Ruby, you might be surprised by how easy the transition can be.

Matt will show you the pros and cons of using Rails. He’ll go through some of the myths around the framework and explain why it might be a better fit than you would expect.


Slides are not currently available.

##Presentation’s website

Presentation’s website contains limited information about the talk. An interview with other developers was filmed during the conference and is available there. Note that the interviewed group speaks in French. The talk itself wasn’t recorded.

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