Hey Apple Please Be Nice and Share

My name is Matt Aimonetti, and in my free time I work on Apple’s open source Ruby implementation named MacRuby. I’m also the author of O’Reilly’s MacRuby book. As you can imagine, I’m very thankful that Apple initiated the MacRuby project a few years ago and have been an avid supporter. MacRuby is awesome to develop OS X native applications using the Ruby language and even allows you to compile down your apps to machine code. It’s a great alternative to Objective-C.

MacRuby is so awesome that Apple is even using it in its upcoming OS. The only problem is that Apple apparently decided to not share MacRuby with other OS X developers and put MacRuby in the OS private frameworks. While this doesn’t affect the project itself, it does affect OS X developers like myself who can’t link to Lion’s private MacRuby framework and are forced to embed MacRuby with their applications.

That’s why I have opened a ticket on Apple radar system to ask that MacRuby be made a public framework.

If you also want Apple to make this change, please take a minute and let them know.

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