Rubyconf Argentina 2011

During RubyConf Argentina 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina Matt Aimonetti gave a talk entitled Inside Ruby: concurrency & garbage collection explained.

##Description of the talk:

Concurrency in Ruby and Python implementations is quite a hot topic nowadays. In this talk, Matt will explain how concurrency works for a language that uses a Global Interpreter Lock and it means concretely. Finally Aimonetti will also cover Ruby’s garbage collector (GC) and why it’s important to understand how automatic memory management works to get better performance out of your code.


[Matt Aimonetti’s slides of his RubyConf Argentina presentation]({{ page.slides }}) [The HTML5 slides can be seen online]({{ page.slides}}).


[Vimeo page of the presentation]({{ page.video_page }})

##Presentation website

Matt’s presentation was filmed by RubyConf Argentina and posted [here]({{ page.video_page }}).

##Matt’s articles related to this presentation

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