First Go Challenge Binary Decoding

I’m very glad to have had the chance to be involved with the very first Go challenge. My challenge is related to something we do at Splice: binary decoding.

Read more on the Go Challenge website

Saved with HW Version: 0.808-alpha
Tempo: 120
(0) kick     |x---|x---|x---|x---|
(1) snare    |----|x---|----|x---|
(2) clap     |----|x-x-|----|----|
(3) hh-open  |--x-|--x-|x-x-|--x-|
(4) hh-close |x---|x---|----|x--x|
(5) cowbell  |----|----|--x-|----|

Splice challenge hex

The challenge is going on for 2 weeks until March 15, a new challenge will be posted on April first. Prizes and conditions available on the website. Comments and discussions available on HackerNews

Note that I also wrote another challenge that we usually give our frontend candidates. If you’re not into Go and prefer JS, you might like this challenge better.

123 Words


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