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DrNic the most famous Australian Rails developer surprisingly doesn’t spend most of his time working on Rails read interview That’s maybe why he recently became so active in the Rails community ( see Magic Multi-Connections, Magic Models, map_by_methods, Gem Generator etc..)

Today he released something very helpful for the Rails Community, not another Gem or another cool plugin to extend Rails but a web application to help you planning your conferences. We already had other tools such as conference meetup but it’s the first time that we get a product helping you to plan a conference by scheduling the sessions you want to attend.


screenshot of the entire schedule

I had a quick chat with DrNic about his latest creation and here is what he said:

“its been fun building just how I thought session selection might look + feel web2.0 = permissive voyeurism I think!”

I share the same vision than Nic on session selection and I really enjoyed booking my Rails sessions and seeing what other people selected. (I guess that’s my voyeur side, don’t you like web2.0?)

If you wanna see what I planned on attending, checkout my schedule: my schedule

Thanks Nic for the good work and too bad you are not presenting anything at the RailsConf (move your bum to come up with a better submission next year!)

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