Rspec Bundle for Textmate

I recently realized that a lot of people using RSpec didn’t use the great TextMate bundle designed for them.

You might not think you need an extra bundle, or maybe you never used a bundle ever and don’t know why you would try one. I’ll try to change your mind, let’s look at some screenshots first:

This is what you will want to see before checking in your code:

Specs passing

This is what you will see before you write your code:

Specs failing

This is how you will run your specs:

Specs commands

This is all you get for free to save you some precious minutes every day:


How to install?

Easy, checkout the file from RSpec repository:

<code>svn co svn://

Double click on the file and that’s it! You are ready to go. (you would obviously need RSpec plugin or gem).

Thank you to all the RSpec team for creating such a great tool.

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