Few Changes in Merb Edge

I thought I should share few changes that my affect your apps if you want to upgrade to Edge.

  • merb_helpers which was previously in merb-plugins now moved to merb-more and got renamed merb-helpers.  What that means for you is that you probably want to install merb-helpers and change the reference in your init.rb from dependencies “merb_helpers” to dependencies “merb-helpers”

  • People started reporting problems with templates not being reloaded in dev mode etc.. The reason is that we made some changes to the config/environments/development.rb file few weeks ago and people did not notice. Here is the new generated development.rb file. Note the following interesting change:

    c[:reload_templates] = true

You will need to update this setting if you want Merb to auto reload your templates.

Also, if you didn’t read it yet, go check on Yehuda’s explanation of Merb new master process.

Finally, I have a bit of a bad news. We were hoping to release Merb 1.0 final during MerbCamp next week end. Unfortunately it looks like we will only release 1.0RC.

The reason behind this choice is simple, we have been adding a lot of features, fixed a lot of bugs and stabilized the API. However we need more feedback from users to be confident enough to release a final 1.0 release.

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