Merbcamp Just Started

A real quick post to let people know that MerbCamp just started. If you couldn’t make it to San Diego, you can follow live. (For FREE)

[caption id="" align=“alignright” width=“160” caption=“Ezra during his Keynote”]Ezra during his Keynote[/caption]

Merb 1.0 RC should be released tomorrow with a new option to get started with a Merb stack including Merb Core, Merb More, DataMapper Core with sqlite3 adapter and few plugins from DM more.

You will still be able to only use the modules you want, add/remove components, build a Sinatra like app etc.. The only difference is that if you wish to do so, we offer a packaged version of Merb that we guarantee working together. The exciting thing about the stack is that we included stuff most people will need such as builtin very flexible authentication, notification exceptions etc…

Watch the conf to learn more about the goodies in Merb 1.0

Go Merb!

UPDATE: FiveRuns MerbCamp sponsor, just released TuneUp for Merb! Awesome!

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