Mmm Dot Mruby or Why Yet Another Ruby Implementation

During Aloha RubyConf 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii Matt Aimonetti gave a talk entitled mmm..mruby or why yet another Ruby implementation.

##Description of the talk:

mruby is Matz’ new Ruby implementation, it’s not cooler than node.js, it doesn’t natively support Hypstermedia, it looks just like the good old Ruby. So why should we, as a community care?

Matt’s talk is divided in two parts, an introduction of mruby (embedded Ruby) and and revisiting Ruby.

Matt Aimonetti talks about mruby


The slides are available on [Matt’s SpeakerDeck page] and can be [downloaded here]({{ page.slides }}).


##Presentation website

Matt’s presentation was filmed by Confreaks and posted here.

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